IFPS proposes as it´s objective the creation and maintenance of a space permitting the production and reconstruction of psychoanalytic theory and technique, thus generating a symbolic and material space in which analysts may exchange and share ideas. Founded in 1962, IFPS was created with the objective of intensifying scientific and personal contact as well as exchanging points of view between member psychoanalytic societies through free discussions about the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and the publication of shared experiences in relation to themes related to the formation of analysts.

 The existence of the Federation is in itself of value because it is one of the international alternatives of organization and it´s stated objective is to promote a greater diversity and discussion within psychoanalytic thought, as well as to offer a different model of centralized institutional organization. The Federation is conceived of as a space for scientific exchange with pluralistic points of view that take in account the legitimacy of different psychoanalytic perspectives.

The IFPS proposes a model of institution that tries to differentiate itself from rigid criteria in the organization of the institution, attempting to get rid of bureaucratic practices whose only purpose is the “corporate defense” of the institution, which supposes a critical vision of a conception that generates hierarchic categories amongst the members. 

The IFPS, within the framework of it´s statutes, respects and values the different ways of doing things and the differences in theory and praxis of it´s member societies. These differences facilitate the comparing and exchange of ideas and practices that permit the development of psychoanalysis. We assume, therefore, that belonging to the institution is due to desire and not to a necessity to belong; the desire to share different points of view in relation to theories and clinical practice, the desire to exchange experiences with the process of “training” (transmission) and to confront new ideas with well established ones, as well as the desire for social contact and for opportunities of human contact and fraternity.  





Firenze, Convitto della Calza       October 17-20

The International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies is not new in Florence. In fact, its IXth FORUM was held here in 1994. After 24 years, Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is ready to host a IFPS Forum again. 

The Istituto di Psicoterapia Analitica di Firenze is pleased to invite you to the XX IFPS FORUM which promises to be a memorable scientific and cultural experience in this wonderful destination! 
The Forum venue is the historic "Convitto della Calza", a 14th century hospital dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, fully restored and located downtown, a few steps away from many hotels and all the city attractions (museums, theatres, monuments...). 

As in all the previous editions, the XX IFPS FORUM will try to investigate some important aspects of human life nowadays. In particular, it will try to explore the new faces of fear in the ongoing transformations in our society and in psychoanalytic practice. 
The conference is organized with panels, plenary sessions, parallel panels, the Benedetti-Conci Award and a social program (including a welcome cocktail, a social gala dinner in an exclusive venue, optional tours and a program for accompanying persons. All of them will be defined shortly). 

The XX IFPS FORUM 2018 will be a useful occasion to enjoy scientific discussions, network and meet old friends or new colleagues, to get new ideas for our job, to establish new collaborations and start new projects... in the unique charm, amazing history and culture of Florence! 

The city does not need a lot of presentation: it is an open sky museum with a unique historical heritage. A green, small, clean and safe city with a Mediterranean climate. 
Florence can be easily reached from all over Europe, through the city airport or those in Pisa and Bologna. 
Florence has a University, founded in 1321, and many industries, among them the most important Italian fashion and leather goods brands.
You will find very friendly and open people and, last but nor least, many occasions to taste delicious and healthy food accompanied by the very famous Tuscan and Supertuscan wines!
You will have the opportunity to discuss the latest developments, wide applications and future goals in our field while enjoying one of the world's most beautiful cities. 

We thank all those who are responsible for the planning and execution of the conference and all the participants who will share their point of view, their latest achievements and creative ideas with our community. 

Please come and give your important contribution to make the XX IFPS FORUM a successful, amazing and unforgettable conference!! 
See you in Firenze! 

Anna Maria Loiacono (Chair of the XX IFPS FORUM 2018) and the Scientific Committee 



 February 2017 : A successful meeting took place in Havana Cuba.

We have worked on the theme "The new faces of fear", in line with the next Forum of Florence. It was hard work, but it was very nurturing in terms of strengthening ties with colleagues and liaison with our Federation. Attended by US colleagues (1 by Alanson White and several by NPAP), from Mexico,. Brazil and Chile, as well as Cuban colleagues. In a climate of fraternity and joint reflection, very interesting and profound psychoanalytic developments were generated.The fears and threats facing our society, as symptoms of social conflict, were deeply analyzed. Topics such as social violence, racism, insanity and economic inequality were discussed at our meeting.